Staying at the monestery

After we pass the monastery gate that will must follow¬† a particular schedule, which may vary depending on the monastery. 
First of all we must go to Archontariki. 
This is the reception area, where they will offer us water, loukoumi (a local sweet) and even raki or greek coffee. 
The monk dealing with the pirlglims hospitality is called Archontaris and is the one who will arrange for our accommodation.
 After the treat we have to give him our diamonitirio and write our name in a large guest book. 
Then we will end up in our rooms. 

Depenting on the monastery, the number of persons staying at a room may vary. Sometimes you might stay at a room with many beds that looks like barracks or even in a small room with only two beds. 
Untill the afternoon, there is free time for relaxation or in some cases a small tour of the monastery. 
On the afternoon around 4:00p.m. to 5:00p.m. depending on the monastery again, all the pilgrilms gather at the katholiko, the main temple of the monastery, where the evening prayer starts. 
After that, at around 7:00 p.m. we all go for diner at the trapeza (monastery restaurant) and then we gather again in the church for the veneration of the relics. 
Then we have free time for contemplation and conversation with the monks or other pilgrims or perhaps a nearby walk. 
In some monasteries at this time all the pilgrims gother and a monk makes a speeche. 
By sunset we must return within the walls of the monastery, because the heavy door closes. 
For those who do not usually sleep immediately the debate continues to Archontariki and rooms. 
The bells starts ringing in the morning at around 3:00a.m. to 4:00a.m., so at some point we have to go to the church to participate at the morning mass. 
After the mass (around 8:00a.m.) follows the brekfast at the trapeza. 
At this time our stay ends and we must depart for our next destination.