Step 1

Obtaining the entrance permit (Diamonitirio)
The first step we need to do for our pilgrimage to Mount Athos is to arange the entrance permit, that is in fact a document called "Diamonitirio".
Diamonitirio is the passport that allows us to enter to Mount Athos and stay at the monesteries. We must show it to the police and customs officers, when boarding to the ship and upon arrival in each monastery.
The cost of Diamonitirio:

25 € For Orthodox Christians..
30 € For Heterodox and people from other religions.
10 € For special pilgrim groups (students, soldiers, disabled persons).

The number of ordinary pilgrims arriving each day at Mount Athos is limited (officially 100 Orthodox and 10 Heterodox - different religion), so reservation is necessary beforehand
ATTENTION. Before you proceed to the issuance a diamonitirio, you must be absolutely sure that you will enter Mount Athos on the specific date . If diamonitirio is canceled for any reason you will receive penalties, as we say a "yellow card". If you cancel once again, then you are on the black list and will not be able to enter Mount for a long time.
Also diamonitirio is strictly personal. This means that if all the places are closed on a particular date and someone makes a cancellation, this does NOT mean that immediately an other person can book, taking his place.
TIP: You must proceed to the issuance of diamonitirio at least two months before your visit, especially on peak periods (Christmas - Easter - Summer). The foreign pilgrims must book at least 4-6 months earlier to be sure that they will find a vacancy.
When you call the pilgrims office is good to have before us the identity card or passport (they usually only ask for ID number). Foreigners should also send by fax or email a copy of their passport

Contact details for issuance of diamonitirio
Telephone Number for Greek pilgrims:                 2310252575

Telephone Number for Foreigners Pilgrims:      2310252578

Fax: 2310222424


Thessaloniki Office Hours:
Monday to Friday  09: 00 – 14:00  
Saturday: 10:00 - 12:00

We will receive our printed diamonitirio on Ouranoupoli (Pilgrims Office) at the day that will enter Mount Athos.
If we enter from Ierissos, we must state it at our first contact with the pilgrims office. Then an employee comes at the port of Ierissos and hands out the diamonitiria before you enter the boat, since there is no office on Ierissos .

Ouranoupolis Office Phone: 2377071421-2
Office Hours Ouranoupoli:  
Daily 07:30 – 13:30 

The printed diamonitirio looks like this: